Who I Am

If you’ve ever visited a museum, science center, botanical garden, aquarium, or zoo, you’ve likely read a label that’s confusing, dry, or downright boring—or maybe you skipped reading them altogether! I aim to discover and share unique stories about objects that make visitors want to read the labels, listen to audio tours, and experiment with interactive technologies.

Research and writing are the skills that form the backbone of both my academic and professional careers. After working for a number of years in museum interpretation, I returned to school with the goal of moving toward roles that emphasize education, curation, and content development.

In my spare time, you can find me spinning tunes on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM, planning my next trip, cheering on the New York Yankees, playing tennis, or knitting up a cozy scarf.

Why History?

Simply put, I find science fascinating. I chose to study history of science so that I could make the complex concepts and discoveries that intrigued me intelligible to others without laboratory jargon.

Why Museums?

Museums are an ideal place to share historical knowledge with the general public. I believe that collections can show how history of science applies to the real world without sacrificing complexity of thought.

Why Objects?

Objects have the power to make the past tangible for museum visitors. In my academic work, I am passionate about citing material culture as sources with historical authority akin to that of texts.