In the Museum

I have gained invaluable practical museum experience in a variety of institutions.

My Professional Experience

Cymbidium orchids at The Orchid Show

Interpretation at the New York Botanical Garden

At NYBG, I researched and developed content for signs, audio tours, and mobile experiences for permanent collections and special exhibitions. One app that I helped produce, Wild Medicine, won the 2014 Gold MUSE Award from AAM. I also led the writing of a successful proposal for a $150,000 Museums for America grant from IMLS.

View one of the many short video spots in which I discuss the wonders of the exhibitions at NYBG!

Historic computing

Public Engagement at the Computer History Museum

As a Community Programs Instructor, I facilitate informal learning experiences for diverse visitors in a wide range of educational programs. Most commonly I participate in Design_Code_Build, guiding area middle schoolers in hands-on programming activities.

The summer 2016 exhibition

Copywriting at Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center

I assisted Cantor staff with copywriting for the museum’s groundbreaking augmented reality app, Art++. The technology featured in a summer 2016 exhibition, Art++ Technology and Art Lab. I presented on Art++ at the MCN conference in 2016, at AAM in 2017, and at ICIM in 2018.

Californio Missions and Rancheros, 1776–1848

Exhibit Development at Stanford University Archaeology Collections

The exhibition Before Stanford: Founding Communities, Present Pasts featured archaeological objects held at SUAC and unearthed from Stanford lands. Our exhibit, part of Stanford 125, challenged the university’s traditional founding narrative with pre-1891 histories.

Museum staff painting background and mounting animals for Tiger Group, Asian Hall, American Museum of Natural History Library 281096

Exhibit Planning at the American Museum of Natural History

I worked with AMNH’s Curator of Mammology to conceptualize the themes to be featured in the to-be-remodeled Hall of Asian Mammals, as well as to research the history of the Hall in the museum archive.

Central Park, site of Seneca Village

Public Education at Columbia University

My classmates at Columbia’s Program in Museum Anthropology and I collaborated to create installations on campus featuring material from excavations at Seneca Village in Central Park as well as the history of the Anthropology Department. I served as the class educator.

Collections in the back room

Collections Management at the Newark Museum

As a member of the Newark Museum’s internship program, I assisted the Curator of Natural History with management of the bird and fossil collections. I also planned the layout of an outdoor garden for an exhibition on healthy eating.